Although physical theft is a major concern to iPhone owners because of its cost and attractiveness which makes it an attractive target for thieves, yet, that is not the only thing to worry about when it comes to using iPhones. Everyone wants to access and navigate their device more effortlessly while they still keep their privacy and make access to the device tougher for strangers. Your iPhone can actually reveal a quite number of secrets to strangers than you could ever imagine. Even when placed in your hands or resting on the table, you may be losing vital information to a complete stranger already. So it’s very important you protect yourself.

Here are a few tips for you to effectively maximize your iPhone security.

#1: Replace the 4 digit code with a strong password

I consider this as your first line of protection. To efficiently protect your data away from strangers or intruders, you will need to consider locking your iPhone with a strong password instead of the usual 4 digit pin code.

When you are trying to do this, it’s recommended you use a combination of digits, letters, as well as symbols to confine a better security on the phone as this will reduce the chances of intruders being able to correctly guess your password.

#2: Use touch ID

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This is another feature of iPhones that provides even stronger means of security than using pin codes or passwords. It requires you to use your fingerprint to unlock your device and stands to be a very good option when you forget your password. This feature is available and supported by such iPhones as the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 series, iPhone 6 and S6 series, SE. and 5S. it is also available on iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 & 4.

#3: Turn off lock screen notification

I’m sure you will not like the idea of people getting to see your private appointments, confirmation codes sent to your phone, or some financial data contained in your emails or messages all from your lock screen; even the strongest password cannot prevent this from happening except you intentionally turn off this feature.

It’s recommended to turn off the lock screen notification as it could help prevent strangers from overseeing information that shows up on your lock screen.

#4: Clear your browsing History

This can be done selectively if you still wish to keep some of your browsing histories and get rid of others to make sure no one else has access to the history of your surfing on the web. You are provided with two options to either completely erase the entire history or select the few you want to rid and swipe to the left on the items and tap delete to remove them.

#5 Use VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) has really become a must-have tool for every iPhone owners that make use of the device in different wireless networks. VPN confines an extra level of security on your phone as it helps in encrypting all incoming and outgoing internet traffic. This completely prevents it from being intercepted or analyzed. In short, a VPN offers a protection that extends beyond the phone itself.

Today, we have several VPN services for iphone that are free while some will require you to pay a few bucks to get your data 100 % save. There are a few VPN you can use on your iPhone for optimum protection and security. Examples include the Nord VPN, IPVanish VPN, Hide My Ass VPN, TorGuard VPN, and much more.


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Final Thought

Sometimes, it could be difficult to combine convenience with security, but one has more priority over the other. Following some of these tips mentioned above may prevent you from using some enjoyable features of your phone, but I’m sure it’s worth sacrificing than losing your vital information into the wrong hands. However, the choice is completely yours to make.