The Glock 43 looks identical to the older Glock 42 in almost every way. Except the G43 uses the 9mm rounds and the G42 operates with the .380 ACP. Glock 43 is just ¼” longer and 1/16” wider than the Glock 42, which makes it easy to confuse between the two. They are both compact, easy to handle and weight about the same. Since they are designed and manufactured by the same company, they are equally reliable as well. Here are a few things you need to know about the ergonomics of the handgun before you buy a G43 guns for sale.

The Glock 43 is a compact handgun. It is designed to be a concealable weapon and you can easily carry it in a holster without bringing too much attention to yourself in public. It might not be the smallest gun in the markets. Though it is quite small, it does not hamper the performance. If your hands are large enough to comfortably fire a G26, then you will be at ease when you handle the G43.The trigger distance, reset, and other firing parameters feel the same among both weapons.

The recoil in the G43 is almost snappy, which comes as a surprise in a gun of this size. If you have large hands, you might have to play around with your palm positioning before you find the right placement for maximum efficiency. If you are planning on getting one at a G43 gun, you might want to rent one and play around with to get a feel for the gun’s performance. Thanks to the light weight and its effective recoil, it feels almost effortless when firing the Glock 43.

Final thoughts

The Glock 43 might just be the best single stack 9mm from Glock that we have all been waiting for. It’s compact stature and a highly accurate shooting style offers a familiar experience for Glock loyalists. Even novices will feel right at home, thanks to its welcoming design. If you are looking around the market for a new handgun, and if you spot a G43 guns for sale, the logical thing to do is seize the opportunity. Check out Omaha Outdoors to find yourself a wide range of handguns to suit your needs. Once there, you will be surprised to see the array of gums, pistols, holsters and other accessories that you would like to add to your collection without any further ado.