I have been actively monitoring Review Websites for over 5 years. I have consulted hundreds of hours for businesses all over the nation. These are some free tips I recommend when attempting to provide high quality online reputation.

  1. Know the review website you’re working with. Most review websites have terms of service or an administration system you can work with in order to achieve results on behalf of your clients. Websites like Yelp, Google+ and Real Self all have employee’s designated to listen to businesses if a review violates Terms of Service or Content Guidelines. Each review website is unique and privately owned and operate on totally different levels.
  1. Know your client. Don’t over estimate your own capabilities on a website you don’t own. Even if a review is blatantly fake, or in violation of content guidelines you can’t expect them to remove a bad review. Always under promise and over deliver when possible have a back-up plan. I can’t tell you how many times I have promised something to a client I thought would happen, only to be let down by the website administration. It makes you as the online reputation provider look horrible as well.
  1. Understand why people write good reviews. People write good reviews for employee’s who have provided a unique customer experience worth writing about. They aren’t necessarily thrilled about the company but the employee they remember. More often than not, you can get a person to write a review for an employee who made their day.
  1. Understanding a business owner’s frustration. Imagine just for once, being a doctor who spent 15 years in medical school. This doctor then decides to open up his own practice and provide amazing results for his clients, to be ridiculed on the internet from someone who wants something for free. It happens every day, consumers know how harmful a bad review can be so they blackmail business owners in exchange for something free. It’s awful but you need to listen to your customer and let them know what available options there are.

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