In 2015 as well as in every year Google has spread their wings over the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspect. It is already 5 months being introduced Google Penguin 3.0 followed by several miner updates to the action and it was a major hit for all the practices that has been using Link Spamming as their main link building method.
When considering “Link Building”, it is the main off-site SEO factor which delivers the main juice in search engine rankings. Tiered link building strategy is the safest and the modest method of building backlinks and passing the link juice to your money site. In this method off-site links are made without pointing them directly to your main site.

What is Tiered Link Building?

Mainly the links are built in layers as well as some address this method as Link Pyramids.

Tier 1 (Layer 1):

Mainly in the first tier we are using buffer sites as to build the links. Free Web 2.0 Platforms like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Tumblr are used to setup a niche relevant authority blog. It does not matter if you still use a free sub domain in these platforms. Two to Five High quality Articles with relevant images and videos will do the trick. Most of link builders use low quality spun content, but in my favor I do not recommend spun content, because it may alert Google and bounce back to you with a manual penalty on your Web 2.0 Blog. Though you post several articles make sure that you point only one Dofollow Backlink to your Money site per blog. Diverse and anchor texts, use the naked URLs.

Tier 2 (Layer 2):

Now the Tier One is setup but the backlinks pointing to your site in these Web 2.0s are quite not useful yet till we build quality links to the previously built Web 2.0. Below I have mentioned the best link types to carry out with Tier 2
  • High PR Wiki Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Niche Relevant Blog Comments in Trusted sites
These links will pass link juice to your Tier One delivering the Web 2.0s more authority.

Tier 3 (Layer 3): Social Signals and Social Shares.

It’s obvious that Social Signals and Social Shares in social media sites are a ranking factor in Google SER. Make sure you do not use spam yet. Build them manually and gradually.

Tier 3 (Layer 4):

Spam This is the place where you can rely on Spamming. You can refer to a tool like GSA SER or Scrapebox to
build automated backlinks and as your layer 4. I suggest this step as a must because it will pass the link juice to your Tier 3 and 2 which will naturally passing the link juice to the main site.


Hence the Money Site is not over optimized or spammed to death by spam links yet it delivers quite a link juice naturally the site’s Search Engine Ranks will be improved gradually and naturally without alerting Google. Every webmaster must keep in mind that it’s the quality that matters not the quantity.