What is it that affect your rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo! and the other search engines? ever thought…

Many SEO services and SEO companies harp on processes that seem to be elaborate and requires much of patience to get a hang of what it is. However in this article we shall try to offer a step by step basic guide to understand the process in depth.

We have here considered Google as a primary base for our guide, as bing or yahoo as secondary benchmarks, and rest search engines may seem of lesser value per se…

Well, conventional methods too have been instrumental in getting to improve your internet visibility, some of which are

  • Customer Rewards program
  • Surveys
  • Referral incentives
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Cross linking
  • Guest posting
  • Guest blogging
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Youtube videos
  • Mass mailing and SMS marketing

However this involves recurring high costs and maybe seasonal or unpredictable. However let us focus more on what search engine really loves. Here we go

  • Content – YES, search engine loves content, the way you see your rocking highly graphical page, google might just consider your title and tags to the graphic and ignore the highly advanced animation for lack of content

more emphasis must be given to unique, original, proper keyword insertion,  frequency of content change, fonts and size. Then the most important part is it has to be legal, non violent, non abusive and free from explicit material. In earlier web sites, the web masters used to put invisible content on the pages for the web crawlers to index the keywords, this was eventually banned. Above all, avoid duplicate content in total

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  • Keywords – No content is complete without putting right keywords, however where should the keywords be placed plays an extremely important role. It must be practically placed all across, like title, URL, anchor, body, meta tags,  h1, h2…
  • Links – Internal, outbound , inbound. Links from similar sites, external link building from Government, education, information and central repository sites, backlinks, directories. ALL these adds to good PR and backlinks benefitting the overall health.
  • Meta Tags – Though constantly the popularity of meta tags are increasingly losing its proximity, however let us not ignore their role and make use of it in various components like Description, language, Refresh, keywords etc.

The very purpose of SEO is to make your site visible to search engines, thus leading to higher rankings in search results pages, which in turn brings more traffic to your site. Apart from the above basic rules, there are some exercise you cannot ignore…

  • Submitting Site to Search Directories, forums and special sites
  • Specialized Search Engines

Other than conventional search engines there are special ones like DMOZ directory, which can create a niche in your submission

  • Paid Advertisements, Campaigns and Submissions

Sometimes even organic SEO may not be completely enough, we need to deploy external products to test so as to get a grip on positioning in search engines, the foremost tool is Google Adwords.

  • As many would agree that PPC is cheaper than organic SEO
  • As explained earlier, PPC is more predictable than conventional SEO
  • SEO traffic may be scattered and may not be target audience at times.

Hence a mix of both the worlds is always a better bait!