Ghost_Marketing_LogoLeading Search Engine Optimisation strategists such as Britain’s Ghost Marketing focus attention on what can be expected over the next year.

Cardiff, United Kingdom – July 8, 2015 – According to global business reporting entity Forbes, the SEO industry in 2014 was “virtually unrecognizable” from that of 2011 and earlier, and experts believe this year will see even more changes in the best practices for the industry – as well as ways to execute SEO campaigns.

In response, recognized SEO strategists such as Tom Buckland and his UK-based Ghost Marketing have begun watching and analyzing these evolving elements to better serve their clients.

Earlier this year I took an in-depth look at some of the top SEO trends that dominated 2014,” notes Buckland. “But as we move through 2015, it seems clear that changes are taking place and that we need to study exactly what has changed to better serve our clients…and what can be expected over the next year or so.”

In the recent past, the terms “content marketing” and SEO were often used interchangeably, not surprising considering the formidable overlap between the two. However, it is believed that throughout 2015 SEO will increasingly be viewed as an entity “encompassing the technical components of online marketing,” whereas content marketing will remain the “key driver” of search engine rankings. It is also believed that businesses that continue to focus on SEO without putting a strong content plan in place will be more susceptible to failure.

Further, while in 2014 it had become increasingly obvious that Google was placing a significant importance on mobile usability, it is believed that sites not optimized for user intent and mobile SEO will more than likely fail in 2015 and beyond. Additionally, over the course of 2015 it is believed that SEO marketing businesses such as England’s Ghost Marketing will see more businesses measuring and tracking brand mentions and “no-followed links.”

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The remaining trends predicted to dominate SEO in 2015 include Google placing more value on social signals from Twitter and Facebook, search rankings becoming increasingly more about building relationships rather than technical strategies, “negative” SEO becoming a bigger threat than ever and SEO no longer being an “isolated department” and instead a fully integrated package with other aspects of marketing.

SEO is changing, and content marketing and social media specialists such as Ghost Marketing will need specialized SEO knowledge and skills in order to be successful,” concludes Buckland. “However, we’re aware that these SEO strategies will need to be fully integrated with the creation and promotion of content, rather than kept as a separate, isolated task.”


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