Instagram is an image-focused social media network that is constantly growing and evolving. Users enjoy sharing their lives (stories) via images, videos, and Instagram Stories. Just like personal profiles, businesses can use these same features with a free Instagram business account to boost their brand and grow their business.

As Instagram continues to grow and evolve, your business can build its brand and grow and evolve with this social media platform.

Here are six tips to help you grow your business on Instagram.

  • Account – Instagram offers businesses features with a separate business account. You can have a personal account as well, but a business account on Instagram makes you more credible and offers a few features that you don’t get on personal accounts. Use your business logo and image on your business page. Avoid using your personal image.
  • Images – Use relevant, quality, professional, unique images on your Instagram business page. Remember that the images you choose and use across social media reflect your brand. Use them to tell your story, build your brand, and show people who you are and share your company culture.
  • Sharing – Sharing across social media platforms is equal to cross promoting in advertising. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social networks to boost your brand from Instagram. You can choose to link accounts or you can manually share your Instagram posts and images on social media. Your followers on Instagram are more likely to follow you on other social platforms and that helps you get more exposure to more people on social media.
  • Mingling – Mingle with your followers and customers on Instagram. Spend some time responding to comments, sending direct messages (when applicable), and answering questions on Instagram. The more responsive you are, the more credible you are to your customers and to potential customers.
  • Engaging – Liking and following are part of engagement and are essentially the same as mingling, but you may be able to save time on liking and following. It can be time-consuming to manually like/unlike and follow/unfollow users on Instagram. It’s possible to use Instagram automation, or bots to engage on some level if you take care when using this kind of program.
  • Links – While links aren’t allowed in images or posts, you may use your business website link, YouTube Channel link, your blog link, or a sales page link on your Instagram profile page. Using images to create interest will lead users to your business Instagram page where they will find your link and boost your traffic and followers.
  • Content – Your Instagram content should be attractive and engaging. Your goal is to get them to keep coming back to your page repeatedly. You want people to revisit your Instagram business profile. Instagram images work in the same way YouTube videos do for enticing your users and followers to revisit your page.

These are the primary ways to create credibility and build your business using the Instagram social media platform. If you don’t have time to work this network, you can outsource the tasks to professionals, or use scheduling automation.