Twitter has become identifiable globally by its signature bird logo. Twitter has grown and advanced into a gigantic site used by mainstream media, individuals and brands to communicate about casual or important issues, or just about their activity in real time.

Millions of subscribers use it to keep up on updates on news and trends. Since it allows users to blog in short bursts, it is regarded as a microblogging service. Twitter’s charm lies in its scan-friendly and rapid execution; you are able to read posts and search for numerous interesting tweeters in just a glance.

Twitter keeps posts scan-friendly by restricting message size to 140 characters and nothing more, this unique feature has made twitter a popular social network.


SimplicityTwitter is all about quick reads, easily accessible to posting tweets and reading updates from your family, friends and other users. You are able to go through your timeline at a glance and able to figure it all out. You can also pin a tweet on twitter

Meet interesting people– Involving millions of users all around the world, twitter remains an overwhelming place to engage numerous people in a conversation. You will get to know your favorite local and international celebrities, sport teams and get their latest updates in real time.

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Receive retweets and replies- this makes twitter more exciting, you can get your brand or business known by retweeting vital information or pictures about your brand. This is used my numerous brands to advertise. Retweets are also often used as replies by favorite’s celebrities to acknowledge you tweeting them.

News coverage– First thing most people at the scene of an incident or occasion do is to tweet about it, backed up by numerous retweets then you have the news everywhere.

News networks have taken twitter has an incredible information channel that stimulates awareness. Twitter allows users to follow and get news from networks like @CNNlive and others.

 Relaxation – You are able to say things that are on your mind. It could be things bothering you or maybe ideas or suggestions. If you find what a person you are following is saying not interesting, then you can simply unfollow the user. Although, venting via twitter is a way of releasing stress and also said to be therapeutic.

Often, people apply twitter based on their wants. So, feel free to share jokes, ideas, pictures, news and business with twitter world. Get inspired and inspire others.