Microsoft Excel 2010 is a fantastic program that enables you to work with large amounts of data. More specifically you can arrange the data in columns and rows, sort the data in a particular order, filter the data and also perform complex calculations on the data.

In this tutorial we will guide you through how to create a spreadsheet in Excel 2010. Afterwards we will show you some basic tasks you can perform with your spreadsheet in 2010.

Locating Excel 2010 on your computer

Before we tell you how to create a spreadsheet in Excel 2010, you will need to locate Excel 2010 on your computer. You may have a shortcut to Microsoft Excel on your desktop or on your task bar, but if you don’t you can easily find it in the programs menu or search area.

On Windows 7 you can find Microsoft Excel by clicking on the start menu, then clicking on all programs. Look for a folder called Microsoft Office and you will find Excel 2010 inside that folder.

excel 2010 icon in windows 7 start menu

How to Find Excel 2010

If you are using Windows 8 and need to find Excel 2010, simply place your mouse cursor at the top right of your screen and wait for the Windows search bar to appear then type in Excel 2010 and it will appear in the results in the left hand side.

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How to Create a Spreadsheet in Excel 2010

Now that you have located Excel 2010 please click on the icon in order to open the program (Alternatively you can right click on the icon and chose “open” from the file action menu).

Screenshot of a newly created spreadsheet in Excel 2010

How to create a spreadsheet in Excel 2010

As you can see, the very action of opening Excel 2010 has actually created the new spreadsheet for you. This is slightly different in newer version of Excel where you need to select to open a new spreadsheet after Excel has opened. We prefer the shorter path to a new spreadsheet that Excel 2010 allows.

Inputting data into your newly created spreadsheet

Now that you know how to create a spreadsheet in Excel 2010 you are ready to start inputing data into your new spreadsheet.

One of the most simple tasks you can perform using Excel 2010 is to build and manage a table of information.

Before you start entering any information, take a look at how the spreadsheet is laid out – you have numbers down the left hand side (these are the row numbers) and letters along the top (Which denote the columns).

The first cell in the spreadsheet is called A1 because it is in column A and row 1. The cell to its right is B1 and the cell directly below B1 is B2, and so on.

To begin creating our table we need some column headings. Lets click on cell A1 and type “Name” (Without the quotes) and then click on cell B1 and type “Age”.

In cell A2 lets type “Lucy” and in cell A3 lets type “James”. In cell B2 lets type “25” and in cell B3 lets type “35”.

a simple table created in excel 2010

How to create a simple table in excel 2010

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After you have created this table, click and hold the left mouse button on the “A” at the top or column A and then drag the mouse along to the “B” at the top of column B and then let go of the left mouse button.

You will see that the entire two columns have now been highlighted.

If you now click on the “Data” tab at the top of Excel 2010 and then click on “Filter” you will see an arrow appears at the top of the Name and Age columns – this is known as filtering the data and if you click on the arrow you will see that you can “Filter” each column based on its contents.

a newly created spreadsheet in excel 2010 with data in a table that has been filtered

Filtering data with Excel 2010

If you had several hundred names and ages in your table, you could click on the arrow in the Age column and choose to display only people who were 25 years old. You can also filter by a selection of data – say for example all people between 15 and 25.

Other things that you can do with Excel an 2010 spreadsheet

So now you know how to create a spreadsheet in Excel 2010 as well as how to create a simple table of data within that spreadsheet and also how to filter that data based on certain criteria.

This really is just a window into the power of Excel 2010 and we will have more tutorials available soon.