Anyone who’s worked on a last minute report knows how frustrating it is when a computer crashes on you. And, typically, this will happen just before you’ve saved your document thus rendering all your work useless. Thankfully, just as you are continually tested, your system can be tested too. Regular testing with the HP LoadRunner can make all the difference between wanting to throw your system at a wall and getting work done efficiently.

What are we testing for?

Simply knowing that you have a problem isn’t enough unless you can pinpoint the problem and solve it. This is where the HP LoadRunner comes in as an all in one solution to test and optimize your system. As a load tester, it evaluates your system’s data capacity and uses this evaluation to predict when and where issues may come up. By doing this, it also helps avoid problems. This testing is performed at normal and peak usage times to evaluate the consistency of its responses.

The key considerations of load testing a system are:

  • What is the maximum load an application can bear
  • How much data cans it handle before responses are slowed down
  • Is there a network related issue that can hamper the application’s functioning

The HP LoadRunner also verifies upgrades and new applications against their performance specifications thus giving the tester a clear picture of the system’s end to end performance before going live. This helps avoid bottlenecks, ensures scalability and optimizes asset utilization. The LoadRunner can test a wide range of applications including Java, NET, HTML5, SOAP, Legacy, Citrix and mobile as well as cloud-based applications.

HP LoadRunner Integration & Training

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Just as how giving a person all the ingredients to a cake doesn’t teach him how to bake it, simply having the HP Loadrunner is not enough to allow regular testing. As part of the HP LoadRunner Integration & Training a person can learn how to plan effective load testing, set test goals, run scenarios and analyse the results. He can also learn how to set up and create virtual users that will be used to tests the system.

This training can benefit new users and executives wanting to test their systems as well as performance engineers and quality assurance engineers as long as they understand the Windows 2000 or NT interfaces and have all the necessary knowledge about the web and their client/server environment.