These days google tends to have the solution to 90% of people’s problems. It is the place for troubleshooting and finding out innovative solutions to trivial and complex problems. One problem we face on a fairly regular bases revolves around file formats. More specifically, submission formats for different documents and forms. A common theme is that people download a licence application or income tax form online in a PDF form and most often the editing capabilities are disabled. Which, in turn leads to you seeking out a format that is suitable for editing and submission. Even the opposite problem sometimes occurs when prospective employers always require you to submit resumes which are typically in .docx formats, in PDF. As mentioned a simple google search will lead us to 4 or 5 pages worth of online PDF conversion tools across a plethora of formats. So which one should you go for? We take a look at some of the common traits to look for…

An aspect that comes to mind straight off the bat is that you should usually pick a site that converts the PDF into your desired format or vice versa and allows for the download to happen instantaneously rather than them emailing you. The reason is quite simple, there is no real benefit for you to be part of a mailing list for a converter site. Yes, they will send you great offers and update you on developments but for the average Joe, this is irrelevant.

If you are a business person and require more processing power and a larger conversion rate per minute then you need to look for sites that have a for businesses section. Typically, these sites tend to be tailored for ordinary people so finding the right enterprise software for the right price can indeed be challenging.

The last thing one must look for, and probably the most important of all is the conversion quality. The best way to figure this out is trial and error and you generally should keep trying the software till you find something that replicates the original to the closest possible extent. Here is a classic example which you can see in the image.


Whilst the image is of perfect quality on the first picture. The 2nd picture gives the perfect combo where the graphical elements and text have been converted in pristine condition. The edges of the text when you zoom in are very telling. If it looks rough even when you are zoomed out then you already know the site adopts a bad conversion technique.

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Some of the converters that we had most success are listed below.

  • pdfaid
  • Smallpdf
  • Freepdfconvert
  • Online2pdf
  • Pdfonline

Pdf aid tends to be a preferred option for many as it sandwiches a bunch of conversion tools into 1 single site including pdf conversion, the ability to compress PDF files and other features. Speed and quality were also other aspects that stood out very well.