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24 12, 2014

Imap Email

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Imap email is a protocol used for storing and retrieving email communications. Imap stands for iInternet message access protocol. Imap email has some advantages but also has disadvantages and in fact it is an old system. Most email hosting providers offer both pop and imap access to their email systems, but the best email hosting providers normally offer more advanced methods of email storage and retrieval which we will discuss in this [...]

13 12, 2014

Learn How to Skype

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Skype is a great program that allows you to communicate with friends, family and colleagues via text, voice and video call. In this article we will be teaching you how to Skype via all of these methods. How to Skype The great thing about Skype is that its free to use when making connection via the internet. Even when you are calling landlines or mobile phones the rates are much lower [...]

14 11, 2014

Twitter Reach

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Twitter is one of the most well respected social networks and a fantastic tool for helping businesses with twitter reach to stay in touch with their customers and equally for helping customers make themselves heard; Not to mention the global social interaction made made possible by twitter. As a business twitter reach is particularly beneficial because it allows you to promote your brand, stay in touch with your customers, hear what they want [...]

14 11, 2014

Wireless Extender Netgear Review

By |2017-01-12T23:19:34+00:00November 14th, 2014|Communications, Hardware, Reviews|Comments Off on Wireless Extender Netgear Review

Wireless extender Netgear are sometimes also referred to by several other names including range extenders, wifi extenders and wireless access points. There are some variations in these different types of wireless extenders. But there underlying purpose is normally the same - to increase the area that is covered by the wifi signal; thus enabling the user to have wireless access over a greater area. Usage Scenarios for Wireless Extender Netgear A common scenario [...]