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31 12, 2014

LAN Switch

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What is a LAN switch? A LAN switch is a piece of networking hardware that is used to move data packets between devices in a network. the LAN part of LAN switch stands for Local Area Network. So the full name for the device is local area network switch. In other words this is a piece of equipment that can switch packets between devices on a local area network. Lan switch for home [...]

2 12, 2014

RAID Storage Enclosure

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There are many reasons why you may wish to use a raid storage enclosure to attach to your computer. The main uses of a raid storage enclosure would be to back up your data in the safest possible way. The difference between a RAID storage enclosure and a normal storage enclosure is the fact that with a raid storage enclosure there will be at least two physical hard drives in the [...]

14 11, 2014

Wireless Extender Netgear Review

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Wireless extender Netgear are sometimes also referred to by several other names including range extenders, wifi extenders and wireless access points. There are some variations in these different types of wireless extenders. But there underlying purpose is normally the same - to increase the area that is covered by the wifi signal; thus enabling the user to have wireless access over a greater area. Usage Scenarios for Wireless Extender Netgear A common scenario [...]