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31 01, 2015

sony mdr w08 replacement

By |2016-07-14T14:42:24+01:00January 31st, 2015|Audio, Hardware, Reviews|Comments Off on sony mdr w08 replacement

Everyone has heard of Sony: They are a worldwide electronics brand responsible for producing some of the most reliable, fashionable and also functional electronics of the 21st century. One of Sony's great innovations and also the subject of this article was in the audio electronics field and in particular with a focus on sportswear. Sony mdr-w08: Sports headphones The product in question was the Sony mdr-w08 sports headphones. They were a fantastic [...]

1 01, 2015

Best Dash Cam Reviews UK

By |2015-01-01T10:15:50+00:00January 1st, 2015|Reviews|Comments Off on Best Dash Cam Reviews UK

Dash cams, or dashboard cameras are video cameras that are fitted to the interior of your car - normally to the dashboard. Dash cams are fitted with either a suction cup or a tape mount and are normally placed somewhere on the dashboard or in a safe area on the windscreen of your vehicle. Once fitted, the dash cam will continuously record everything that appears in front of your car as you [...]

29 11, 2014

lap top bags

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Lap top bags come in various different sizes, shapes and designs. The primary purpose of a lap top bag is to make it easy to carry your laptop around with you. Other purposes for a lap top bag include keeping the laptop safe and also providing storage for other peripherals and equipment that comes with your laptop. If you are a business man or woman you may also have documents, manuals [...]

17 11, 2014

external hard drive review: Samsung 1TB M3

By |2014-12-28T11:55:07+00:00November 17th, 2014|Hardware, Reviews|Comments Off on external hard drive review: Samsung 1TB M3

In 2012 it was estimated by the IDC that there was around 2.8 trillion GBs of data stored on computer systems, and by 2020 it is estimated that this figure will have grown to 40 trillion GBs. Of course a lot of this data is held by large companies, database systems, hosting providers, cloud data storage etc, but a large portion of it is held with individual users and their documents, music, [...]