IT infrastructure and computer systems are something that everyone takes for granted these days. After all, most of us have at least one computer in our household and it does a fine job – we turn it on, do some work, go on the Internet and then turn it off again.

Because we are all used to working with computers we tend to take them for granted in the workplace as well. The computer at work seems the same as the computer at home, right?

Well it’s not normally the case and more importantly it really shouldn’t be the case. Computers in the workplace are tools – they are there to do a specific job and they can be a great asset to any business.

We have put together the top 5 reasons why computers should be an integral part of every business and should be deployed and managed in order to maximise their effectiveness.

1 – Computers are Automation tools

The great thing about computers is that they can be used to automate many different tasks. From calculations to mass-mailing through to customer relationship management computers can be programed to repeat complex tasks repeatedly. The great thing about automating tasks with a computer is that once you set up the automation you can have your tasks carried out indefinitely with no additional effort required.

Not only does this speed up processes within your business but it also helps to reduce labour costs.

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2 – Computers can Undertake Complex Tasks

As well as being great tools for automation computers are also very complex machines and are often able to carry out tasks far more complex than those that your staff members could undertake.

A great example is an accounting application used to manage your company accounts. With the help of the computer your entire accounting system can be calculated and stored whilst allowing you or your accountants to produce detailed reports on the same.

In addition to these complex tasks being made very easy using your computer system the fault tolerance is also exceptional – if the information is entered correctly then the chance of the computer “getting something wrong” is near to zero. And even when figures are entered incorrectly the computer system will more than likely flag the error up.

3 – Computers are Fantastic Communication Tools

Probably the most obvious benefit of a computer system to most people but none the less one of the most fascinating benefits. Computers are great for communicating – when you think about the fact that you can send someone an email, even when they are over the other side of the world, in less than a split second it’s easy to appreciate the benefit to communication that computers bring.

Not only can we communicate very efficiently using computers but everything is done securely and we can also have a full audit trail – whether that is in the form email storage or VOIP telephone recordings so it’s much easier to look back on company communications and determine what was said.

4 – Computers are Very Secure

Despite popular belief, computers are very secure, if they are managed correctly. As long as you have a decent IT company looking after your computer systems and they are kept up to date they offer a very secure medium for storing all of the sensitive information within your business.

The security of a computer system lies in the fact that you can restrict access on a granular basis to every file, folder and piece of information within the system, you can audit the access of that data and further more you can have central management of that data to ensure that only the right people have access in the first place.

4 – Computers are very Robust Storage Mediums

As well as being very secure computers are also very robust when it comes to data storage. In a well-designed business computer system, you will likely have several copies of business-critical data stored locally as well as several copies stored in an offsite location at any one time. This means that your data is safe from viruses and Trojans as well as being resilient towards localized disasters like fire or flooding.

In addition, the robust nature of a business computer system data is also highly accessible and with most modern computer systems data can be accessed by company staff from multiple bases of operation regardless of physical location.

These are 5 of the most crucial benefits of using a computer system within your business but there are hundreds of other benefits that apply to most businesses as well as lots of other benefits that will be specific to your business.

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If you feel like you are not using your computer system to its full benefit you should contact a reliable IT company today and ask for an audit of your system and advise on how your IT can further benefit your business.