An aramid fiber is a strong synthetic fiber which is mainly used in many applications such as aerospace, military and many more. These fibers are formed in the structure of chain molecules that are highly related with fiber axis so it can be exploited by the strong chemical bond. The chemical name of aramid fiber is named as aromatic polyamide. These fibers are man-made fibers that give higher performance and this aramid is developed in the year of 1960’s.

At the beginning this fiber is commercially used as Meta aramid fibers with Para-aramid fibers. The molecules that present in this fiber are characterized as rigid polymer chains that are linked by hydrogen bonds to transfer mechanical stress. The aramid fiber contains filament yarns that are made by jet wet spinning with liquid crystalline solution. Usually the aramid fiber is a type of nylon which is comprised with benzene rings and amide bonds. As per technical guide the nylon fiber is differing from conventional fibers that have similar properties and applications. This aramid can be classified into two types such as Para-compounds and meta-compounds.

Characteristics of aramid fibers

The aramid fiber is specifically distinguished from other synthetic fibers and it must have some following characteristics such as,

  • A class of good heat-resistant
  • High resistance of abrasion
  • High strengthen power
  • Soluble organic solvents
  • Non-conductive material
  • Zero melting points
  • Less inflammability
  • Best fabric integration at specific temperature

These characteristics are basically derived from the mixing of stiff polymer molecules and strong crystal orientation. Also the presents of polymer chains are closely interact in between the polymer chains with the help of hydrogen bonds. The stiff aramid molecules form crystalline domain and it can align the polymer molecules in the well direction flow.

Major uses of aramid fibers

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The aramid fibers are used in various applications which are helpful for making resistant clothing, helmets, better replacement of asbestos, composites, sporting goods and cloths, fiber cables, rubber goods and many other fabrics. The aramid is a multi filament synthetic polyamide that contains fiber forming substance which is directly attached with dual aromatic rings. These fibers are having different molecular structure that gives strengthen properties and high modulus. Some of the types of aramid fibers are Para linked aramid fibers that contains poly-teraphthalamide compound and Meta linked aramid fiber contains poly-isophthalamide compound.

Therefore the aramid fibers contain some unique properties that contain basic structure of polyamide substances. This polyamide is having 85% of amide bonds which are closely attached with aromatic rings. Some of the well known aramid is nomex, Kevlar, twaron, etc.  However this fiber creation is highly used for making clothes and some other fabric substances as well as materials. The benefits of using this fiber are presence of textile characteristics which contains high flammable resistant properties. The aramid fiber also produced by spinning that can be dissolve liquid fiber to solid fiber and it has good appearance with different category such as powder, pulp, fiber and chopped fiber. Thus this fiber relatively used for amide solvent with the simple process.