Let’s get one thing straight, searching online and choosing an Intrinsically Safe Digital Camera can be a daunting prospect. With standards constantly changing, camera manufacturers are doing battle to provide engineers with the best product for the best price. You however, need to make sure plants continue running, products remain profitable and staff are safe.

You need a high quality ATEX camera. You need good value for money. You need something that will last.

Recently I was browsing the internet with this in mind and came across something on the 247Able site which I thought was incredibly interesting.

CorDEX Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Digital Cameras

These aren’t your everyday ATEX cameras… yes, you could risk having a rugged housing built on to a cell phone – but I can guarantee these will get you anywhere in Zone 1 hazardous areas.

Introducing: The CorDEX ToughPIX II Trident Edition ATEX Camera.

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So why is this the right solution for you? I’ve cut through the maze of marketing material to give you the most important points when choosing an Ex Digital Camera.

1.) Pixels Made Perfect

Pick a digital camera with high resolution. Doing so will give you the option of using digital zoom to back up optical zoom without compromising your image. If you’re in the field with a low quality camera you are jeopardizing any conclusions obtained.

2.) Rugged Environment, Rugged Camera

When you work in a challenging environment the last thing you want to worry about is a precious digital camera. ToughPIX II is the perfect name for this camera. With an armoured screen, it’s perfectly suited to deal with the day to day impacts of life in the field without letting you down.

3.) Documentation / Presentation

Why take thousands of photos if you can’t store and analyse them somewhere? You need a report database to create reports AND to collate all the data you’re recording… Luckily the ToughPIX II comes with CorDEX CONNECT software to do just this. Best of all? it’s free.

4.) Your Shift Doesn’t Stop When The Battery Dies

Batteries fade over time, so a fixed internal battery will eventually die mid-shift. The ToughPIX II comes with a removable / rechargeable battery to enable you to continue taking images without any additional stress in the field.

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5.) Excellent Customer Service

This is something which I believe to be a rare commodity these days. However, the good people at ABLE, with over 30 years experience, suggest that supporting the customer and product is of utmost importance.

6.) Check Your Crystal Ball

Knowing the future is a specific skill set I won’t pretend to own, BUT when it comes to future proofing a significant investment, research and logic is key. For instance, the ToughPIX II comes with a macro lens, perfect for if you need to take pictures of Ex rating plates. You didn’t even know you needed that, did you?

7.) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

Unless it’s out of focus! Taking images from close-up is a constant requirement in the industrial industry. You need a sharp focus with macro mode and an LCD display.

8.) Harsh Environments

Here’s something you know already. Working in hazardous areas is TOUGH. Brutal weather, freezing cold temperatures and explosive environments are all part of the job. You need something simple to operate when you’re wearing PPE or gloves. A camera with chunky buttons that are sufficiently spaced and easy to locate and operate. You just don’t get that with smartphone type cameras. You do however, with the CorDEX range.

9.) The Essential Flash

The ToughPIX II is equipped with a high intensity flash so it’s ideal for any environment, indoor, outdoor, day or night. It has the capabilities of lighting a large area and close up targets.

10.) Essential Extras

Cameras that fit in your pocket sound like a good idea, but they just don’t work in an industrial workplace. If the camera slips out it becomes a serious hazard.

You won’t fit the ToughPIX II in your pocket, but you’re not meant to. That’s why it comes with wrist and neck lanyards.