Cloud technology may have piqued your interest with its phenomenal convenience, but you may not have adopted it or even bought into the idea. If you’re like many people, a few concerns may come to mind when considering the upgrade. The most apparent are often matters of time and cost. You may also think that moving to the cloud will pose new security risks. Fortunately, in reality, cloud computing is less risky, less expensive and less time consuming — and requires less effort than you may think.

Technology propels business. The benefits that managers and owners experience in moving forward with cloud technology go beyond the obvious. In fact, cloud computing contributes to production increases and time and cost cutting measures. Business owners and managers are themselves demonstrating the power of the cloud. The Boston Consulting Group demonstrated this in its international study of 40,000 small and midsized business decision makers. They found that managers and owners who stayed updated with Microsoft Cloud Software grew their businesses’ revenue 15 % faster and grew jobs twice as fast than those who did not. Those that used this software were also six times more likely to have international customers. In self reports, these tech savvy managers and owners said that their businesses grew revenue, profits, jobs, and ultimately stayed innovative due to their technological capacity with Microsoft Cloud. Thanks to the additional flexibility of the cloud, these businesses gained a competitive edge in their industries.

Many business owners and managers hesitate when considering adopting cloud computing for their business, as they are unsure about its security and if a switch in software will be worth the time and money they will save. The hesitation is irrational, however. The cost and time savings heavily tip the scale, requiring a huge downside to offset those benefits. When a company works with a reputable cloud partner that has helped other similar companies transition to the cloud, those risks shrink even more.

Let’s delve further into the question of how secure cloud technology actually is.  Many think that there is one cloud or that all clouds are the same. However, a cloud maintained by Microsoft is much more secure than one run on-site. It’s comparable to choosing between depositing your money in a Bank of America and hiding it in your mattress. The Microsoft Cloud is a larger target but is extremely secure as a result; the other is lesser known but much more vulnerable if attacked. Microsoft heavily invests in cloud security. Keeping its customer’s data secure is its primary focus so it dedicates large teams working around the clock to defend that business.  This significantly reduces the threat of a third party gaining access to your data. Many people fail to realize that moving to the cloud can dramatically improve security, especially for small and mid-sized firms that lack the resources to support a sophisticated 24×7 defense against malicious attacks.  When considering security, ask yourself if you want your data in the bank vault or under the mattress.

Business decision makers also tend to be unaware of how much they can save with cloud computing. Purchasing and running your own on premise servers requires huge up front and maintenance costs, as high as $15,000 per server. If your business slows down, you’re stuck with that server and its cost.  With cloud computing, however, you can reduce your service level and cut costs immediately. Many businesses use the cost agility, financial and operational mobility they find with  cloud computing to better compete in their industry. They are able to take advantage of fewer unplanned costs and less downtime, which ultimately leads to more profitability and purchases in other areas. 49% of businesses have said that using cloud computing helps them compete with larger organizations, 54% say it has accelerated their IT projects, and 49% of business owners say cloud computing has allowed them to grow like they were not able to with their previous software. Switching to cloud software is also easy and affordable. The upfront cost will save you time and money faster than you think.

Now, more than ever in every industry, a business’s success relies heavily on its technological capability. With cloud computing, you will save time, money, and increase your security so that you’ll stay competitive.

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