There is no question about it, the Internet is the biggest marketplace out there – and its not a close call either, its bigger than anything else by a long shot.

The Internet is also obtainable by all as an advertising medium – companies of any size and located anywhere in the world now have a global marketplace with almost no barriers to entry, thanks to the Internet.

Unfortunately many businesses still see the Internet as an unknown entity, they are unsure of how to approach it and often stick with traditional forms of advertising purely because they know how those mediums work and are familar with them.

Global Audience

The truth that all businesses should be listening to is that the Internet is a global audience for their product – its like having a high street shop that spans every single high street on earth and as a result has millions of visitors in every single day.

As a business today you simply cannot afford to ignore the Internet and in fact even getting familiar with it and making those first steps to get your business online is putting you several steps ahead of a large percentage of your competitors.

This article will provide a deep dive into Internet marketing, the sort of services you should be looking at as a business joining the online community as well as some innovative ways to approach your online audience that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Getting a website up and running

A great way to start working with the Internet and attracting your online audience is to build and publish a web presence of some sort. This doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, it could simply be a landing page to begin with. Once your business has a web presence of some description, its easy to keep moving it to the next level.

In an ideal world every business should have an ecommerce website – in other words an online platform whereby you can attract visitors to your website but then also provide the entire shopping experience for them, allowing them to browse and even purchase the products and services that you offer.

It is also very important to have a responsive website design that will enable your visitors – both new and existing customers – to browse your website from any device but in particular from mobile devices as more and more people tend to visit websites from mobiles these days.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a very important part of online marketing, its something that many businesses are not even aware of, but ironically its often the thing that allows small businesses to compete with their much larger competitors on a level playing field.

Having a website for the purpose of local SEO is a great advantage, but not essential. You can get started straight away with a Google plus page or in fact any other presence online at all even if its just a landing page.

If you can find a reliable SEO company to provide you with local SEO services it can have a fantastic return on investment and can bring in very targeted, local customers to your business in a very short space of time.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Video as a marketing tool is now playing a very important role on the Internet – with so much activity online it really makes a website stand out from its competitors and grabs the visitors eye.

Whiteboard animation videos are a great way to showcase your business and its products and services whilst also really grabbing peoples attention the minute they land on your website.

Once again, whiteboard videos aren’t as expensive as you might think, they are a really cool way of getting your point across and they look really cool.

Social Media

Social media is another very important tool that you can leverage in order to grow your online presence. Although social media is very easy to get started with, it is something that should be planned with great care. When you enter into the world of social media as a business, you are really putting yourself out there to your customers on a personal level and if you don’t present yourself perfectly and also work hard with your social profile and presence, you risk damaging your reputation.

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We recently wrote an article on how to use Twitter for business, which is one of the most popular social mediums.

Building on your existing web presence

It may well be the case that you have already put a lot of the above tactics in place – perhaps you already have a business website and maybe you have done a fair amount of SEO last year.

Well the key to a thriving online business is constant attention – your website and in fact your entire online prsence needs to be updated, refreshed and reworked constantly to keep your presence known and fresh online.

Once again, this simple tactic of constantly revising your online mediums is another thing that keeps you miles ahead of most of your competitors – who likely wont want the bother of constantly updating their online assets.

Even down to simple things like Plugin & Module Installs, website updates and rewording articles all help to keep your site fresh, fast and appealing to your visitors.

iSO Website Design are a design company that offer a full suite of Internet marketing and design services to businesses including all of the services mentioned above and many more.