We recently came across a really cool project on Kickstarter headed up by technology expert Beth Ziesenis. Beth launched the Kickstarter project with the primary focus being the production and publishing of the Ultimate App Book – this is a fantastic PDF book about the 27 best apps that you can use both as an individual and an entrepreneur to enable you to get the most out of your computer.

the book goes into great detail about each of the 27 apps that form its subject matter and talks first about the basics of each app – how it can be downloaded and installed, what its main functions are and then goes into much greater detail about the specifics of each app – how it can be used on an advanced basis to aid you in your day to day tasks as well as hidden features, tips and tricks of each app that enable you to get even more functionality out of the apps and ultimately to save your time and money.

The book not only goes into great detail about each app but it is also full of screen shots making it extremely easy to follow.

To give you a better understanding of where the book will take you, we have highlighted just a couple of the apps mentioned in the book and why they are so useful.


Dropbox is an absolutely fantastic app that everyone should have and use. It is multi functional in that it has a use for almost everyone who owns a computer – as a home user you can use Dropbox to store all of your photos and documents safely and means that every important document stored in Dropbox is backed up in real time and also that you can view all of your save documents and photos from wherever you are using your smart phone or tablet.

As a business user you can use Dropbox to stay connected wherever you are and have access to your business critical documents on the go from your mobile device or tablet.

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The book goes into great detail about the installation of Dropbox with screenshots to make it very easy to follow. It also goes on to exaplin some of the more advanced features of Dropbox and how to really get the most from Dropbox in terms of data backup, storage space and also collaboration with others.


Again Evernote is a fantastic app that operates as a notes system, diary and project management platform all in one.

Again the book goes into great detail about the intricacies of Evernote from initial account setup through to advanced features and will teach you how to really make Evernote work for you which will in turn save you time and make you as efficient as you can be.

These are just a small selection of the apps covered in the book and there are many more useful apps – some that you may have heard of previous and some that you may not have heard of. All of the apps have been specifically selected due to their fantastic ability to save you time and really harness the power of technology in order to streamline day to day tasks that we often undertake.

Join the Nerd Heard

As a contributer to the Kickstarter project you will have access to a full copy of the Ultimate App guide but that is only a small part of the overall benefits to becoming a member.

The second and very imporatnt benefit is that by contributing to the Kickstarter project you can also become a member of the Nerd Heard. This is an exclusive Tech club headed up by Beth Ziesenis that gives you many additional benefits including:

  • Signed copies of Nerd Know-How — personalized with your name!
  • Your name listed in the book
  • The chance to submit your favorite tech tools for a special section in the book
  • Voting rights to help Beth make important decisions, such as the best new logo or the next gadget
  • STRETCH GOAL: If we get 200+ pledges, NerdHerders can vote on the tech tools they’d like to hear more about, and we’ll set up an exclusive NerdHerd webinar for a deep dive on the topics!

This is a fantastic opportunity not only to help fund a highly exciting project but also to be a member of something special and also to be part of a fantastic tech project.