If you use a computer for school or business, then you know how frustrating it can be when it starts slowing down. You could lose money, time, energy, and grades. Your computer is central to your success if you use it for school or business.

Businesspeople sometimes overlook the cost of slow computers, but the loss in productivity can cost more than just buying a new computer. All that lost time really adds up. What if your slow computer was costing you several days of productive work annually? When you calculate how much lost time you’re accruing on a daily basis, and extrapolate that out to the whole business year, you’ll have a really clear picture of just how much productivity you’re losing. The total yearly cost of a slow computer might be several thousands of dollars a year. In fact, it is estimated that slow computers cost an average 5.5 days every year for each employee. No serious businessman is going to put up with that kind of waste. That number works out to 2.75% of an employee’s scheduled work time. All those employees’ wasted days really add up.

What about mental fatigue and frustration? All those extra minutes spent staring at your computer and waiting for it to do its job can be pretty taxing on you mentally. People like instant feedback and to know their work is being completed as quickly by the computer as they’re doing it. Any hiccups on that process can be severely psychologically debilitating – especially when they keep repeating over time.

New computers really aren’t that expensive – especially if you sell your old one to help cover the cost of a new one. You can even buy refurbished ones that are just as good as any new one. There’s really no excuse if your computer is going so slow that you can’t get work done efficiently. If you’re using a computer for school or work, you can’t afford to be slowed down by poor performance. Your business and career are on the line.

If you’re thinking about getting a new computer, don’t worry about the migration process. It’s so painless with all the improvements in software and technology. Most of our files are in the cloud. For those that aren’t, there are very cheap apps and programs that make it painless and simple to move all your old files to a new computer. It’s no longer like the old days where you have to spend days or weeks saving and shifting files around so you can get a new computer. People used to keep their computers years longer than they had to because it was just so painless to move files over to the new one.

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