In Africa today, where Murphy Ben International is located, specifically in Lagos, Nigeria the technology is constantly improving. Africa used to just be a developing country and now it is continuing to develop especially with its technology. If Africa can keep up with Murphy Ben International’s constant increase in technology then it gives them a step up and it will give them more profit. Murphy Ben International is actually way advanced in technology compared to the rest of Africa and this gives them a step up. Sometimes downfalls are only because a customer doesn’t have more advanced software to purchase the product or membership for example but that is why Murphy Ben International continues to monitor the Internet connection of Africa and the technology in general. Thanks to YouTube, Murphy Ben International has succeeded quite a bit. In order to be able to promote yourself, when you create music and music videos, YouTube is definitely the place to turn since it can be free or only cost a bit per month. YouTube has made Murphy Ben International extremely successful in terms of follows, subscribers and people knowing that this company actually exists now is a huge plus from before.

Murphy Ben International has been very successful over the last few years and they continue with this success due to the team itself. All of the employers at Murphy Ben International are told to have a creative approach to things and not be shy to share their ideas. Murphy Ben International is just one big family and they are very accepting of new creative and unique ideas all the time. As an entertainment company Murphy Ben International is looking for different ideas. Murphy Ben International continues to succeed as a unique African entertainment company located in Lagos, Nigeria.