Everytime you go to a library, you check your desired book details, its availability, the date on which you should return it and also most all the information you need. All this you can see on a machine standing generally at a corner. One cannot imagine the life now standing in long queues, waiting for hours to withdraw the money from banks, without the ATM machines. At the malls as well railway stations also, similar standing guides are there, which people come cross daily. These information telling, guiding standing machine is a kiosk. Since a little while ago, these have replaced the manual data providing methods.

Advantages of kiosks

Kiosks have settled in the human lives so easily and comfortably that a little thought is given to the facts associated with it. It is lesser known that how this operates, even being similar also, different kiosks are non-identical in a number of ways. Kiosks are manufactures for general as well as specialized, the most general of them are the telekiosk, a technical successor to a telephone booth, financial services kiosk, the ATM machine, photo kiosks, which allows users to print pictures from their camera, internet kiosks, to provide users with the internet access, the ticketing kiosks and the map showing kiosks.


These amazing unnoticed self-servicing devices were first manufactured and launched in 1977 by a shoe retailer, though it was first developed by a pre medical student. Since then they have been improvised a lot to make them more and more interactive. At present there are more than thousand firms which are manufacturing and selling kiosks on a very large scale per year. One of the leading industries in this field is Olea Kiosk Designers. This firm has been authentic in the market since 40 years. The entire process of manufacturing ranging from designing to the product testing is carried out within the company itself. The entire procedure is successfully executed by the highly trained professional expertise of their respective fields.

With the improvement and advancement in the technology, now movie ticketing kiosks, restaurant kiosks, to place orders in food cafes, check-in machines in hotels can also been seen quite normally. Also, now in the museums kiosks can be seen helping people out with different and important sections to visit and also providing them quite detailed information about the artifacts.  These devices have indeed simplified the life tons. No need to worry when you are new to a place, the angel, kiosk will be guid , your companion now!!

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