The fast pace of modern live along with the close proximity in which we live has made security a very high priority in our lives.

Once upon a time security systems used to be reasonably simple devices based on simple motion detection, the triggering of which would result in a loud audible alarm sounding off. This alarm would usually deter the intruder and would also alert the homeowner, neighbor or other passer by as to the intrusion.

This system had a lot of flaws – if no one was around it would be of little use – not to mention the fact that often passers by would either assume it had been triggered in error, or they would be too scared to get involved – after all, who wants to disturb a burglar?

In answer to these problems we saw the next wave of security technology – alarms would be linked up to the local authorities so that in the invent of a security breach the police or security monitoring company would be notified and they could then investigate – firstly by contacting the home owner, secondly by visiting the property to check for any breach in security.

This system worked well and provided the much needed user element to security. However, with these facilities came an substantial cost and was very labour intensive – especially on occasions where the alarm had been triggered in error.

Modern Security Systems

As modern technology has flourished there are now many more ways of securing both homes and businesses more effectively – allowing the user element to be introduced cheaply and effectively.

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High tech security companies such as ADT now offer full security systems that protect the entire building – motion detection and video recording are almost a standard feature from ADT allowing the home or business to be fully protected against intruders whilst also providing evidence of the break-in as well as proof that there actually is a compromise as opposed to a false alarm. ADT provide many other facilities as well including digital display boards, phone/LAN link for alerting security or emergency services as well as remote viewing of security systems which we will cover in more detail below. If you look at some of these ADT security reviews you will appreciate that they are one of the leaders in home and business security.

Remote controlled security

the latest and greatest security technologies now offer remote viewing and interaction with the security systems from mobile devices such as iphones and ipads.

At the simplest level users can view security footage (whether that be still images captured by the device or full HD video footage via live stream) which replaces the traditional security services callout with the user being able to instantly check if their house or business is safe and when there is an alert, whether its genuine or a false alarm.

At the top level of remote control security the user is able to fully interact with the security system from arming and disarming security devices right up to switching on lights in the building.

these sort of devices are fantastic for the very security conscious among us, but they are also great for people when they are on holiday for example so that rather than worrying about the safety of their house they can really almost instill their presence back at home – what better deterrent to a would be burglar than being able to turn on the front room light from hundreds of miles away, making it look like you are still at home after all.