Whilst almost all companies small and large have some type of IT infrastructure in place there are a myriad of different ways in which this infrastructure can be managed. Some companies chose to manage IT infrastructure themselves, some prefer to hire professional help as and when it is required (Like when something breaks) and others hire on-going managed IT services.

The reality is that in business, regardless of whether the IT infrastructure consists of 5 computers or 500 computers, it makes sense to have a managed IT service in place and this will be far more beneficial than any other option in the long run.

The aim of this article is to highlight the top 5 benefits of using a managed IT service provider to look after your companies IT infrastructure.

1. It frees up company time for focusing on core workload

Many companies will manage their own IT systems allocating the time of owners and employees to manage the day to day IT needs of the company. This may seem to be a good way of saving money by reducing IT costs on paper. The reality is that when staff are manging their own IT this is actually costing money in the form of their salary. In addition because IT is not their core specialty this time is being spent inefficiently and therefor is costing more due to that fact.

2. It ensures that everything is configured and managed correctly

Having a professional company managing the companies IT systems ensures that everything is configured correctly when it comes to the IT systems. This has many benefits coming from it that will effect all areas of the business – from fast PCs to efficient backups having professional IT management ensures everything will work correctly and efficiently.

3. It ensures that IT infrastructure runs as efficiently as possible

Leading on from point to, having a managed IT service also ensures that the systems will run efficiently. This is not only as a result of the system being set up correctly but also of the constant tweaking that you get from having your IT systems professionally managed. This includes regular system updates and also re-configurations when parts of the system are not working as efficiently as they could.

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4. It ensures data safety

Something that not many companies think about but actually one of the most important points is data backup. Its all very well thinking that data is being backed up, but having a managed IT service in place ensures that data is being backed up efficiently and correctly and that on the rare occasion that those backups are required, they will function correctly and data restoration will be available.

5. Any problems are likely to be highlighted much faster with managed support

Lastly, with managed IT support in place any problems that do arise on the system can be highlighted well in advance and rectified before they become a problem. Without managed IT or with an inexperienced person maintaining IT infrastructure some problems that could be identified easily by a professional could go unnoticed and turn into much more serious problems before they are eventually picked up.