We see technology disrupting the normal way of life almost everywhere. Be it the health industry or the automotive sector, we get to see something new, something amazing every year.

Come 2020, when the world was moving with its blazing fast speeds, COVID19 has indeed brought a lot of industries to a standstill. In terms of technological features innovation, all the new additions that we see every year are an attempt to enhance the customer experience.

As a customer, we also look for state of the art technology when sitting behind the wheel. So, to quench that thirst for all the tech-savvy drivers, here are the top automotive innovative features of 2020.

Innovative Automotive Features 2020


The transition from a key to keyless entry was cool. But how about opening the car door with nothing but your fingerprint. And who knows down the line, we may see that eyeball scanning system in the cars in all the cars. Some concept cars like the Karma SC2 have already started working in this direction.

At present, the Toyota C HR has biometric fingerprint access. A few other automotive are currently developing fingerprint access technologies. Biometrics scanning systems can help redefine the driving experience. With the steering wheel gaining the ability to read the driver’s pulse and detecting his/her driving ability, we are looking towards a better and secure driving experience.

Smart Visors

Who would have thought that smart visors will become a reality? This piece of technology uses AI, a transparent LCD, and an RGB camera. By detecting the sun’s position, the visor will adjust its length to protect your eyes. The algorithm which detects the driver’s eyes position is patented by Bosch. On the screen, you will a beehive like structure and the pentagons on the screen block and unblock the sub as they darken in real-time following the sun’s position.

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Head-Up Display

Heads Up Displays for cars is another tech-savvy feature that almost every enthusiast driver would like to have. Cars in the BMW 7 Series and that in the Mazda3 series have inbuilt HUDs, which are far better than the ones you can get from the market. Further, in 2020, these HUDs are becoming customizable. You can now choose what information should be there on the HUD.

Reconfigurable Car Body Panels

This is like two souls and one body. Imagine swapping your metal door panel with a glass. Or what if you wanted to have the power of an SUV and the comfort of a Sedan. That is possible this year. Or, you want an SUV with lighter panels and side glass panels. Any car, any model, and panels of your choice. It seems impossible, but it is under development and can become a reality.

Health Monitoring

The inclusion of smart health monitoring in cars is going to help the drivers stay safe and send alerts in emergency situations. It will record the vital health information continuously and when an anomaly is seen. The same information will be communicated to the car’s mainframe, the car will come to a halt, and an alert will be forwarded to the paramedics.

Anti-Collision System

Subaru EyeSight is an anti-collision technology embedded into the cars. It sends a warning when the car is about to collide with an object or another car. A system like this is much appreciated and can help prevent car collisions. In addition to this system, the V2V or Vehicle to Vehicle communication where two cars can talk to each other. They can sense the dangers and take necessary action even if you are not aware of it.

Heated and Massager Car Seats

Well, there is no better feeling than hopping on a warm seat in the winters or on a cold one in the summers. Even better, how about getting a massage on your way home from the hard day’s work. Well, heated seats are already present in some cars. Going one step further, some cars also have a heated steering wheel. In the near future, these innovations will become an essential addition in the cars.

Warning Systems

To protect the bikers and collisions from behind, Hyundai and Audi have pilot tested an exit warning system in the cars. There are two purposes of this system. One is that when the car will strive off into another lane, or into the biker lane, a warning system will be initiated. Another if a vehicle is approaching from behind, again the driver will be warned with signals.


All in all, technological innovations like the ones listed above are going to change the face of the automotive industry. To get even more out of your new car you will need to treat it with the best car products also. The best thing is that it won’t stop here. Every passing year, new and better innovations are being developed. Who knows that we may get hovering cars floating above the roads.