Did you notice how technology catches with every industry and makes a real big difference in the way it all works when it does? It’s like a game changer for every player and nothing is done the same after that. The real estate business was not the case. For a long period of time selling a house was a important process that demanded a lot of your time and effort. Until now, because technology caught up with this industry as well and it’s forever changing it. The technology is provided by tourwizard.net and I’ll describe what it does.

In the old way, you had to contact an agent who would make some pictures of your house, put it in his portfolio and try to sell it or you tried on your own to find clients trough different tactics like newspaper ad or all sorts of things. This involved time and a lot of effort. When someone presumably interested in is would want to see it, you had to make it for each and everyone. Tourwizard.net offers a new way of doing things for the buyer and the also for the seller.

You just send a lot of pictures of that property inside and outside from every room and a lot on angles. After that the program uses those photos to create a 3D virtual tour of that particular house or apartment. This whole process is finished in 15 minutes. After that your site is ready to go and everyone interested can take a tour of the house. Support is offered for every step of the process and even after that, in marketing and trying to find leads for your house. A whole marketing team with experience will make sure you get most of that site.

And the buyer can see a house from his home only accessing the browser. No more and no less. This is that simple. Tourwizard.net is the new way of doing house selling using technology.