Universal Crowd-Funding InvestmentsUCI are an international company providing a range of high-tech services including Bitcoin exchange, crowd-funding investments and Bitcoin casino.

UCI currently operate out of head offices in Lebenon, have branches in Egypt and are soon opening offices in the UK, St.vincent Grenada, Switzerland and Germany.

UCI have a primary focus on cryptocurrencies – offering a an exchange and also their own proprietary, asset backed currency.

Whilst cryptocurrencies were available on draft forms as early as 1998, the first major cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created released in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto – a man whom little is known.

Shortly after the release of Bitcoin came Litecoin and since then there have been many hundreds of variations on the decentralized digital currency model.

Almost 6 years on and although there are hundreds of currencies on the market, the technology and the concept is still in its infancy. There are obvious benefits to this type of currency over traditional ones; one of the main benefits being the ease with which transactions can be processed and the decentralized approach to its management.

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Crytocurrencies have survived some initial skepticism with ease and as modern Internet based technologies such as IoT (Internet of things) develop, so will crytocurrencies. This makes UCI and its heavy attention to these markets a very interesting business.

Further on in the article we will go into some more detail about the specific activities of UCI in each of their core operating areas.

Paypal to Bitcoin Exchange

Uciex.com is the Bitcoin exchange platform created and managed by UCI. It is one of the simplest platforms available for trading in Bitcoins. As usual with Bitcoin trading platforms, there are some registration formalities to undertake – including ID and phone verification, that is to be expected and insures that the platform is kept safe for everyone to use.

bitcoin accepted here

Site login is controlled by two-step verification for advanced security. Once up and running users can easily trade in Bitcoins using a variety of exchange methods including everyone’s favorite method of payment – Paypal.

The site also features realtime charts showing you the price of Bitcoin, what people are trading at from Bitcoin to USD and vice versa, as well as showing full trade history so you can track the price as it moves up and down.

Where most bitcoin exchanges are very difficult to start trading with, icuex.com makes the process simple, fast and easy for anyone to get involved in. Where Bitcoin has traditionally been a closed market reserved for tech-savy internet users, exchanges like this one are helping to open it up to a much wider audience. This will help demystify the currency and is exactly what is needed to bring it into the mainstream and allow people to appreciate its real viability.

UCICoin: Asset backed crytocurrency

UCIcoin is a cryptocurrency created and managed by UCI. Backed by $500k worth of silver as well as other company assets, the currency is an extremely stable one and can be traded on sites such as c-cex.com and btcpool.exchange.

UCIcoin is very much in its infancy but being backed by the companies assets it is set to become a strong crytocurrency.

Bitcoin Kiosks in the UK

UCI is also placing attention upon recently launched Bitcoin ATM Kiosks and Point of Sale (PoS) systems. With their partners they released the first two way bitcoin ATM in the UK and Eurpean markets.

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In addition, UCI recently helped Diamond Circle Australia (DC) through funding them toward launching a similar two way cashless bitcoin ATM.

Croud funding and investments

For those of you who aren’t familiar, crowdfunding is the latest startup venture capital concept whereby hot startups can fund their projects from funding generated by a large number of investors. This method of raising funds is normally done via the Internet – due to its large pool of users – and is a secure way to link up investors with startups.

Crowdfunding concept

The process of crowdfunding is regulated by an organisation to ensure that everything is handled sensibly and safely for all parties involved and that investors and startups are able to build a trusted relationship and exchange contracts safely.

That’s where UCI come in – they are launching a crowdfunding investment site at u-ci.org and will be acting as crowdfunding regulators. UCI will be running a crowdfunding platform so startups looking for venture capital will be able to register on the site where keen investors will then have the opportunity to fund those startups – on any level.

These distributed investments will then come together to equal the full capital required by the startup.

Profits from the startup will then be distributed between all investors depending on the terms agreed in the original crowdfunding investment.

The key difference that UCI are bringing to the crowdfunding arena is security – and in fact they are offering to fully insure all of their investors funds which makes crowdfunding as an investment much more alluring. Again this offering from UCI makes a great technology much more accessible to the public.

Carbon responsible

UCI are also partnered with HydroInfra Technologies. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, HydroInfra develop processes and solutions to reduce carbon footprint.

In particular HydroInfra have developed and inovated a solution called HydroNano Gas ( HNG ). This solution safely & effectively neutralizes carbon fuel pollution emissions. This is a ground-breaking innovation that will help to reduce carbon footprint.

UCI and HydroInfra together have a goal of reducing their carbon emissions to 0. UCI are global representatives for HydroInfra.

bitcoin casino

UCI are also rumored to be launching a Bitcoin casino this year. There are not many details of this venture currently available, but we have heard from reliable sources that it is happening soon.

The Bitcoin casino is likely to be a highly innovative offering in line with the other technologies backed by UCI and upon its launch it will attract lots of media attention.

Hopefully we will be writing a publication on their Bitcoin casino nearer to the time of launch, so stay tuned to Bloggtech for more info.