21 04, 2020

Create an App for your Website

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These days smartphones and tablets are more common than ever. Cheap value-brands have caused them to become increasingly more affordable, even in less developed countries. As a business owner, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of. You should already have a website anyways, so the first step would be to optimize that for mobile browsers and devices. But even after that you can do more to accommodate mobile [...]

30 08, 2016

Simple steps to create your own Android apps

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We are living in an age where smart phones and gadgets have become unavoidable part of the life. Among these, smart phones have grabbed our work life too. Smart phones, i.e. phones with computing facility has now become the potential risk to regular computers, because many software applications can be run on it and now we do not require desktop or laptop. And among these smart phones, android phones have [...]

28 09, 2015

Ноw tо fіх slоw аndrоіd рhоnеs?

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Тhе mоmеnt wе get a nеw Аndrоіd Ѕmаrtрhоnе, wе feel ехсіtеd tо ехрlоrе аll іts fеаturеs. Вut, whеn аftеr а mоnth оf using thе рhоnе bесоmеs slоw, wе mау јust hаtе іt аnd wаnt tо thrоw іt аwау.. Whеn wе аrе tоо ехсіtеd оn ехрlоrіng оur nеw рhоnе, wе mіght hаvе сhаngеd sеttіng options. Тhеrе аrе аlsо іnstаnсеs thаt wе rесklеsslу dоwnlоаd sоmе mаlісіоus fіlеs аnd аррlісаtіоns frоm vаrіоus wеbsіtеs [...]