10 05, 2020

How to Make a Mobile Application More Secure

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The emergence of the smartphone as a key staple in our everyday lives means that it is now possible to complete important everyday tasks via the device rather than relying on a desktop computer. This has led to the wider emergence and adoption of mobile applications across demographics, meaning that it is now commonplace for the devices to be used to check emails, shop online, and even conduct banking transactions. [...]

21 04, 2020

Create an App for your Website

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These days smartphones and tablets are more common than ever. Cheap value-brands have caused them to become increasingly more affordable, even in less developed countries. As a business owner, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of. You should already have a website anyways, so the first step would be to optimize that for mobile browsers and devices. But even after that you can do more to accommodate mobile [...]

15 04, 2020

Detox My Mac Pro Review

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Just like Windows, the Macbook is also sometimes slow and the following ways below will help you speed up your Macbook. The first thing to note, do not rely too much on the advertised applications that will optimize the Macbook. Some cleaning programs, like CClener, can delete temporary files and free up storage, but you can't make the MacBook run faster. So, if the Macbook is slow, follow the 6 [...]

4 05, 2017

WenHu App – An Excellent Teacher

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WenHu app provides a fun and entertaining way to learn Chinese language and master Mandarin words. The education app is easy to use with a good layout and simple characters. It is an excellent teacher for those who are not only interested in learning the language but also need some fun with a good game. Concept The app developed by iOS is compatible with most iOS devices, ipad, iPhone and [...]

3 04, 2017

App Review for the Simplanum – Plan It Simple iOS App

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Failing to plan is planning to fail. Well, this does not just apply on paper, but in real life too. With so many iPhone planning apps, there is so much one can plan and achieve in life. Unfortunately, most of these apps only come with one or two features, and even if they have multiple features, these tend to work separately with no reliable correlation and connectivity at all. The [...]

26 09, 2016

5 Productivity Apps You Shouldn’t Live Without

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Time management is crucial especially for small business owners. You only have 24 hours in a day and you shouldn’t use all of it for work. It’s best if we can get more things done within the time we allot for work so we can spend more time with the family, with our friends, and with ourselves. So if you feel like you can’t have enough time to do the [...]