26 04, 2020

Top automotive feature innovations of 2020

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We see technology disrupting the normal way of life almost everywhere. Be it the health industry or the automotive sector, we get to see something new, something amazing every year. Come 2020, when the world was moving with its blazing fast speeds, COVID19 has indeed brought a lot of industries to a standstill. In terms of technological features innovation, all the new additions that we see every year are an [...]

22 09, 2016

Best 2017 and 2018 future cars

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The upcoming vehicles of the car model year 2017 & 2018 seem to look pretty upgraded. We may also expect a huge growth of electric vehicles on the market, therefore sustainable driving has the opportunity to grow rapidly. The prediction is that in 2017 there will be over 1 million fully driven EVs on the worldwide market and in 2025 over 5 million. Tesla is the undisputed world leader if [...]

21 05, 2016


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1. Ferrari 250 GTO (1963) A myth with over 50 years of age, the most coveted and most mythical Ferrari is still as sexy! If you intend to offer you this little gem, he'll put his hand to the portfolio. Each copy costs about EUR 20 million! What cool some of you. 2. Jaguar Type - E series 1 (1964) Revolutionizing the automotive landscape. Revolutionary at its time, especially by [...]