13 07, 2016

Alternatives to Microsoft SQL

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Although Microsoft SQL is powerful and widely used for database management systems all over the world owing to its user-friendly UI and easy usability among users, it is not accepted by everyone due to the high ownership cost in the case of large databases and Microsoft SQL is also not preferred due to the strict licensing policy they follow. Hence, the need arises for database administrators to switch from MS [...]

7 03, 2016

Looking for a FTP alternative?

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If your company is still using FTP to handle large amounts of files, then you're familiar with many of the drawbacks of this 40-year-old technology. And you know that there are probably better solutions out there today. Surely, FTP used to be the solution for sharing the large files. Ok, it was sometimes a bit clunky but your FTP server (eventually) did the job of getting your large files to [...]