26 06, 2017

Major Advancements in Fiber Optic Cable Technologies

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There is an ever-increasing demand for data. As such, a network infrastructure manufacturer has to be ready to take on the increased demand as it happens. It has to have the ability to take on various data-related demands, including broadband phone calls, video conferencing, live video chats, and various other data-rich actions. Fortunately, fiber optics technology has prepared for the constantly increasing demand for data and has been progressing at [...]

25 01, 2015

What are Web Servers

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If you have read an article about any popular website - Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and it has gone into any detail about the history and/or the workings of the website then you have probably heard the term web servers, but what are web servers? What are web servers? Lets first look at the term servers as this is actually a common term that can be linked with lots of other [...]

11 11, 2014

Data Centres UK

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If you are planning to build your own server infrastructure - whether it be for the purposes of creating a private use test platform, and private cloud solution of a hosting infrastructure, there are plenty of data centres UK based that will be more than suitable for the housing of that server infrastructure. Whilst data centres in the UK may come at a premium in comparison to some other European [...]