19 04, 2020

Top 5 file sharing platforms to help you work from home

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If you are collaborating with your co-workers, friends or anyone else for that matter then file sharing is a very common requirement. There are many file sharing platforms out there that allow you to share, and work on, files with other people. This is useful in many different scenarios including: Working on files with other people - often you may have a file, or group of files, that you need [...]

15 04, 2020

Detox My Mac Pro Review

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Just like Windows, the Macbook is also sometimes slow and the following ways below will help you speed up your Macbook. The first thing to note, do not rely too much on the advertised applications that will optimize the Macbook. Some cleaning programs, like CClener, can delete temporary files and free up storage, but you can't make the MacBook run faster. So, if the Macbook is slow, follow the 6 [...]

12 04, 2020

Best Laptops For College Students

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College is without a doubt one of the most important times of any student's life. It is not only a time where you are deciding where you want your career to do, but you are learning to juggle many of life’s responsibilities. Coupling work with grocery shopping and laundry duties, and more. It won’t be easy. Of course, the most important part of the whole endeavor is to ensure that [...]

26 05, 2016

5 Reasons why you need a Dash Cam

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These days, your most basic dashcam will record the road in front of you with a simple wide angle lens. It will record in a lower quality and produce somewhat shaky footage. More complex cameras will record the rear of your car and occasionally out the sides. Almost all dashcam’s use internal memory and will record over in a loop meaning that all your recordings are safe inside the camera. We [...]

6 04, 2016

G700 Flashlight Review: Tested To the Maximum

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A lot of people wonder if the G700 is really that powerful as it’s advertised. For that reason we decided to make a deep review of the G700 Led flashlight and see if the claims make sense. To make the review plausible we decided to take the flashlight on a test and see for ourselves if the numbers are right. Testing the lumen power To measure the amount of lumens [...]

7 11, 2015

Niche techie gadgets for holiday gift giving that are sure to please

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If you’re looking for some great gift ideas for the tech lover on your list, then make sure you check out some of the leading holiday ideas for 2015.  While most of the hottest items will fly off the shelves faster than you can blink, if you have the opportunity to get your hands on them, it might be a good idea to go for it because they’re sure to [...]

20 07, 2015

Are dynamic disks safe?

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Recently a question is raised by many Windows users: are dynamic disks safe? This is because dynamic disk is less used than basic disk in computer, and it is not very familiar to users. Certainly, the answer is yes. Dynamic disk is safe to use in Windows system. Differences between Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk What is dynamic disk? It is a term relative to basic disk. Basic disk and [...]

14 06, 2015

A Review of the New LG Leon Phone

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The new LG Leon 4G LTE is here and we think there is reason to be excited! The cost is easily within reach for many more consumers than the previous LG models, even for those running on a tight budget. In return for your hard earned cash, a number of truly exciting features can be enjoyed. Online access, for starters, will hardly be a problem thanks to the high-speed LTE [...]

23 05, 2015

Shipnow.Us is a leading mail forwarding provider in the USA

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With modern technology there are very few boundaries in terms of what we can do and who we can do business with. This is very true in retail as well - particularly when you have the Internet at your disposal it is possible to shop and purchase goods from almost anywhere in the world. This has many advantages but two of the main ones are that you can get goods [...]

15 05, 2015

KIJINI – Unlock the Secrets of Your Voice

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KIJINI is a ground-breaking new app that transforms your phone into your own personal wellness advisor. KIJINI signifies an enormous jump in the understanding of a technology known as holographic bio-acoustics and how this can be harnessed and analyzed using modern the technology available in smart phones. What is holographic bio-acoustics? There is real science behind the app; holographic bio-acoustics is the practice of using low level frequencies to analyze and determine [...]

31 01, 2015

Braided Nylon iPhone cable

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Its no secret that Apples iphone is one of the best phones on the market in terms of functionality, popularity and style. Like many other highly functional and popular products, you are either an Apple fan or you are not (otherwise you might prefer Samsung for example). If you are an Apple fan however, then you will be very familiar with the common problem with charging cables for the iphone - they [...]

31 01, 2015

sony mdr w08 replacement

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Everyone has heard of Sony: They are a worldwide electronics brand responsible for producing some of the most reliable, fashionable and also functional electronics of the 21st century. One of Sony's great innovations and also the subject of this article was in the audio electronics field and in particular with a focus on sportswear. Sony mdr-w08: Sports headphones The product in question was the Sony mdr-w08 sports headphones. They were a fantastic [...]

30 01, 2015

Make your own Marketplace and Earn Money

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XJ Marketplace is a custom extension for Magento that will transform your existing magento store into fantastic marketplace bringing buyers and sellers together and allowing you to take a commission on all sales. The Magento Marketplace has been designed and developed by a company called xhtmljunkies who are a premier web development company specializing in high-end website and platform development. There website features lots of cool web applications and extensions ranging from shopping carts [...]

23 01, 2015

DIY Automated Influencer Marketing with AdvoWire

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In the digital landscape of today there is no doubt that having an online presence is absolutely essential for modern businesses to reach their target audience and build their brand. Having a website, establishing your company in the popular search engines and perhaps even jumping to the top with PPC (Pay per click) are vital strategies to survive and ones that most businesses implement to some extent already. But if [...]

1 01, 2015

Best Dash Cam Reviews UK

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Dash cams, or dashboard cameras are video cameras that are fitted to the interior of your car - normally to the dashboard. Dash cams are fitted with either a suction cup or a tape mount and are normally placed somewhere on the dashboard or in a safe area on the windscreen of your vehicle. Once fitted, the dash cam will continuously record everything that appears in front of your car as you [...]

29 11, 2014

lap top bags

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Lap top bags come in various different sizes, shapes and designs. The primary purpose of a lap top bag is to make it easy to carry your laptop around with you. Other purposes for a lap top bag include keeping the laptop safe and also providing storage for other peripherals and equipment that comes with your laptop. If you are a business man or woman you may also have documents, manuals [...]