17 11, 2014

external hard drive review: Samsung 1TB M3

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In 2012 it was estimated by the IDC that there was around 2.8 trillion GBs of data stored on computer systems, and by 2020 it is estimated that this figure will have grown to 40 trillion GBs. Of course a lot of this data is held by large companies, database systems, hosting providers, cloud data storage etc, but a large portion of it is held with individual users and their documents, music, [...]

14 11, 2014

Wireless Extender Netgear Review

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Wireless extender Netgear are sometimes also referred to by several other names including range extenders, wifi extenders and wireless access points. There are some variations in these different types of wireless extenders. But there underlying purpose is normally the same - to increase the area that is covered by the wifi signal; thus enabling the user to have wireless access over a greater area. Usage Scenarios for Wireless Extender Netgear A common scenario [...]