27 01, 2017

5 Steps to Get Home Wireless Router

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Everywhere or at any corner of the world, you may see the people who are Surfing Internet, Playing Games, Watching Movies, or Streaming Videos at their Mobile Phones, Laptops, and Tab. Have you ever thought of, what Technology is working behind, you may say that it is due to ‘Internet’, True! But you may not claim if it plays smoothly or without any interruption. When you are not able to [...]

1 01, 2015

Wireless Printing Without Router

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Wireless printing is a very handy feature that is available on lots of modern printers. Most printers cannot do wireless printing without router as that would normally be the broker for the wireless link. Wireless Printing Without Router   There are however some printers that support something called direct wireless printing which enables you to perform wireless printing without a router. what is wireless printing? Wireless printing is [...]