Torrents is one of the best things to have happened to the modern world. It has democratized media consumption and has enabled millions from around the world to access new content irrespective of their geographic location.However, the increasing number of streaming sites have given stiff competition to torrents these days. Faster internet has been one of the major contributors that have made it possible to stream high quality videos and other media through a network without buffering!

Streaming online vs.Streaming Torrents

Online streaming sites have their own dedicated server that hosts the video/ audio files, making it an online library for you to choose from. It is extremely convenient to just log into a website, search for your desired movie and hit play. However, the biggest drawback is the insane number of popup ads you will have to navigate through to access your content. Even with an adblocker in place, it becomes extremely cumbersome to find the right play button. Most of these sites host unreliable ads, and you might just click on a malicious ad that can compromise your system.

With torrents, however, you will have to set up your browser or install a third party software in order to stream torrents comfortably comfortably. It is not entirely impossible and thanks to a number of such software available online, people are increasingly showing interest towards streaming torrents online instead of downloading them.

How to stream torrents

Some BitTorrent clients enable you to stream torrents while your file is being downloaded. This allows you to enjoy your media before the file is completely downloaded. However there aren’t many such BitTorrent clients who offer this option, and even if they do, they are hardly handy and comfortable to use.

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Certain software solutions are designed specifically for streaming directly from the .torrent file or from the magnet links. These have a much better interface and make online streaming from torrents a completely pleasurable experience. Some of these are free, while the good ones come with a subscription package. The paid ones are generally more secure and help maintain a fair degree of anonymity online. Some of these have a slew of attractive features such as auto detection of subtitles, and some even go as far as finding the right subtitles online!

The third and the simplest way to watch torrents online is by installing free extensions on your Chrome browser. It takes very little time to install and setup, and works the same way streaming software does.

Saving to the cloud

However, if you are pressed for time, you can always download the file onto a cloud on Cloud load and access the files later on. You can stream, download and share the desired files with ease and efficiency. Go to and set up an account today to get started.