Most people have at least heard of blockchain and its associated technologies such as Bitcoin. To the more technically minded people among us these technologies are very interesting, cryptocurrency in general is very interesting and the future of the blockchain as a technology are endless.

However, to those of us that don’t come from a technological background blockchain technology is not only confusing but also a bit boring – because it is such a new type of technology it is hard to imagine a real-world use for it and therefor it’s hard to get excited about any of the cryptocurrencies that are born out of it.

It’s all very well seeing new crypto currencies being introduced every day – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple – but what is the point of them and why would anyone want to invest in them?

Enter 3DCoin and

The boring world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies just ended. 3DCoin – an ICO launched by is without a doubt the most interesting thing to come out of the cryptographic world ever. Period.

What is is a 3D virtual reality platform that has been built using blockchain technology and makes use of a new cryptocurrency known as 3DCoin. allows anyone to create their own virtual reality environment without any need for programming skills. These districts come together to form an entire virtual world that can be navigated from a computer or using specialist VR equipment such as Oculus or Unreal Engine.

What is 3DCoin?

3DCoin is the cryptocurrency that fuels the virtual world of Districts. 3DCoin can be used as a real currency in Districts – as a business owner you can buy virtual real estate within the virtual world and as a consumer you can buy products using 3DCoin.

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What is the future of Districts?

The platform and the cryptocurrency itself are in their infancy. At the time of writing there is 17 days until the ICO is launched and the Districts platform itself is not due to be fully launched until the third quarter of 2019. However, it already has had a lot of time and effort put into it, there is a proof of concept already in existence for the platform and it is clear to see it has a bright future.

When it launches fully in 2019 it will consist of an entire virtual world that everyone can browse – both from a computer or using virtual reality headset. A world where people can interact virtually, partake in activities, browse virtual stores and even do business with each other with virtual interaction and physical exchanges.

The blockchain doesn’t get much more interesting than this; it’s really the first time that someone has used the technology in a way that can really benefit the general population and in a way, that it’s easy for everybody to see the benefit that blockchain technologies can bring to the world.

If you are interested in this technology, the Districts platform or in obtaining 3DCoins visit the official website for more information.