Public speaking can be quite daunting for most folks, whereas for others, the confidence comes quite naturally. There may be quite a few scenarios in life where you will be required to speak in front of an audience namely job interviews, direct sales, public speaking events etc. At these events you often see a small percentage thrive and deliver moving speeches and convey important points eloquently. If you are like most people you tend to struggle with trying to understand exactly how these public speakers perform so well.


You probably would have been told to practice:

  • How you sit during an interview
  • Your speech before a mirror about 50 times
  • How you greet your audience
  • How many jokes to include (if any)

virtualspeech_interview_roomThese are just some common things that people are advised to do. However, we still see that many struggle to handle the pressure of actually being in such situations. If you are heading into an important interview that will shape your career, you need to exude confidence to stand any chance of succeeding. This is equally true about delivering a speech in front or a large crowd, you will need to portray your wit like a Steve Jobs, whilst delivering your jokes with the same panache as a John Oliver. To overcome all this people need practice and a lot of it. Previously, it would have been impossible to recreate pressure situations with accuracy and originality but now with recent advancements in the world of Virtual Reality all this is changing.

virtualspeech_meeting_room3pngVirtual Reality headsets are starting to emerge that immerse you in situations to give your senses the full treatment. A lot of companies are developing training apps to help people understand what to do in unique circumstances by actually simulating these circumstances. One such start-up is called VirtualSpeech. They have developed a pretty cool app for job interviews and public speaking skill improvements. The app which can be used with any VR headset immerses you in conference rooms and job interview scenarios. The app was recently featured on Newsweek, life hacker etc. and will give you an advantage over your competition by creating beautiful 3D environments and interactive audiences. It’s almost an unfair advantage in a way. Remove the fear and all the traits of nervousness are ironed out and you can communicate clearly what’s on your mind. Practice with questions that will put you on the spot. This will allow you to learn the Art of turning even dull moments into interesting ones.

If you are like the most and wondering “Well, how am I going to prepare for an interview at Google? Their questions tend to be quite dynamic and unique”, virtual speech can aid you here. With interview questions from Google, Tesla Motors, McKinsey & Co, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs and many others, it’s impossible not to improve. As it is an app it will be constantly developed with new scenarios and challenges so that you can be face to face with your greatest challenge before you face your greatest challenge.