Virtual reality is a technological concept that aims at creating a virtual experience that is as true to life as possible. The goal of virtual reality is to make the viewer believe that what they are seeing is real.

Virtual reality is an extremely interesting technology and one that is very prominent in today’s tech landscape. It is of great interest to both technology enthusiasts and investors alike.

When you take time to consider how many different practical applications there are for this technology it becomes even more interesting.

Virtual reality for gaming

This is normally the application that comes to mind first when people think about virtual reality. With this technology games, can become far more lifelike and the gaming experience is enhanced because of this.

One of the most popular technologies when it comes to virtual reality gaming is Oculus Rift. This is a hardware device that is worn by a user and allows them to be fully immersed in the virtual world using an OLED display fitted in to a pair of goggles. The result is that the user can play a game or experience a virtual world with these goggles on and they can look around 360 degrees and see every aspect of that virtual landscape as if they were there.

As companies like Program-Ace bring out more games that are compatible with hardware devices such as the Oculus Rift the experiences will become more and more believable.

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Virtual reality for training

Another great use for virtual reality, and one that people often don’t consider, is training. This could be anything from learning how to fly an aircraft through to training staff how to handle an emergency.

The great advantage of virtual reality in the training landscape is that scenarios that would normally be impossible to create can be put together in a virtual environment. A good example of this would be a hostage situation or other critical emergency – this would be very hard to act out in life but with virtual reality a full scenario could be set up to give trainees a real idea of how to react.

Virtual reality tours

Virtual reality is also fantastic for all different types of tours. This could be touring something that you could not see in life such as a space ship or the surface of another planet. It could also be touring something more trivial such as a new apartment that you couldn’t physically get to visit.

Endless possibilities

These are just a few of the more common implementations of virtual reality but the possibilities are endless. As the technology is further developed there will be more companies offering virtual reality development solutions which will result in more unique and innovative ideas coming into fruition.

Perhaps one day we will have virtual reality environments that are so believable, when you immerse yourself in them you will be unable to tell the difference between the virtual world and the real world. It is a scary concept but also a very exciting one.