We have compiled a virtual worlds list based on the top 10 virtual worlds that are currently available.

This virtual world list shows the name of the virtual world and a link to the virtual world’s website where appropriate. We have also included a description each world in the virtual worlds list.

Virtual Worlds List

  1. World of Warcraft – or WOW as its often known is at number 1 in our virtual worlds list because of its sheer scale and popularity. World of warcraft is an online multi player game that is built around the warcraft universe. The “world” is constantly being expanded in both size and population.
  2. The Sims – At number 2 in our virtual worlds list. The Sims is an extremely popular game amongst both children and adults. The Sims is actually one of the most successful games of all time.
  3. Second Life – Second Life is the largest-ever 3D virtual world. It is created entirely by its users.
  4. Kaneva – number 3 in our virtual worlds list. Kaveva is an online game that allows you to build your own worlds. Your world can then be shared between you and your friends.
  5. There – 5 in our virtual worlds list. There is another online community. “There” costs just $10/month to be a member.
  6. Active Worlds – a 3D world that has been around since 1995. Active Worlds allows you to build your own spaces using hundreds of millions of “objects”. Every world you create is completely unique to any other.
  7. Moove – Another online 3D community. The unique aspect of Moove is that it focuses on real human interaction. Its like the chat room of the virtual worlds list.
  8. Habbo Hotel – The online community where you can create your own character along with your world. You can then chat to other users online.
  9. Free Realms – online multiplayer game for PC and Playstation. Produced by Sony Entertainment set in a world named Sacred Grove.
  10. Onverse – the last entry in our virtual worlds list. Onverse is a totally free online virtual world where you can play games, dress up and chat with friends.
virtual worlds list number 2 - The Sims

virtual worlds list number 2 – The Sims

The Future Virtual Worlds list

The virtual worlds list above shows the current top ten virtual worlds as they stand at the moment. All of the worlds are already massively popular among all ages. We are only just seeing the beginning of these virtual worlds.

Virtual Reality

As virtual reality takes of and computer technology becomes more advanced we can see big things for these virtual communities.

Revisiting this virtual worlds list in a few years will probably see it at hundreds if not thousands of virtual worlds.

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