Cfx400cWearable tech reaches as far back as 1980 – the year that gave birth to the calculator watch. Wearable tech took a slow climb from that point onwards and has really began to blossom over the last few years with technology creeping in to every aspect of our person from smart watches, headphones built into hats and even glasses that present the eye with a digital display.

The origins of wearable tech come from the idea of ubiquitous computing – a concept which would see technology being adopted into our day to day and the creation of a seamless gap between the physical and the digital world.

As such the companies producing wearable tech today are constantly trying to make the gap between technology and our day to day lives as seamless and invisible as they can and as an extension of that to enable us to use the technology we love wherever we are, discretely and with minimal effort.

The current wearable marketplace

A_Google_Glass_wearerThere is no doubt that the wearable marketplace is in its infancy. We are currently seeing a stage in which there is a huge buzz around wearable tech and it is fashionable to use whilst also becoming more and more functional.

It is definitely a blossoming industry and we are seeing new wearables being developed and released on what seems like a daily basis.

Whilst the functionality is growing rapidly the ubiquitous element of wearable tech is still finding its ground – some of the technologies involved are not yet perfected enough to allow this tech to be completely woven into our daily lives – watches are a great example as we are seeing many different perambulations of what has been dubbed the smart watch and differences in how they interact with our other tech, us and the functions they are capable of.

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Some smart watches link to our smart phones and become an easily accessible extension of those, some others have revolutionary methods of input that are more suitable to the smaller display size whilst others operate exclusively via voice command. All of these features and permutations of wearable tech are focused on a single goal – to make the tech become ubiquitous.

When that goal is realized – when we can truly interact with our wearable tech without even thinking about it, without anyone noticing, that is when it will really bloom and the wearable tech market will explode.

Even high end brands such as Tag Heuer are delving into the smart watch market – a real indicator that we have yet to see the best from wearable tech and that it is a marketplace with unlimited potential.

The future of wearable tech

Nicole_Scherzinger_in_World_First_Twitter_DressAs the ideas grow and evolve in the wearables market we can see a rapid increase in the availability of wearable tech, after which time there will be some market leaders emerging – both in terms of brand and also in terms of functionality – and we will see the most practical wearables become commonplace in our daily lives.

Its fair to say that wearables will likely takeover the smart phone market completely and once having to pull your phone out of your pocket and dial a number just to make a phone call will seem like a ridiculous waste of time.

Wearable tech will also be spurred on by the Internet of Things and will be the ubiquitous link between us and our Internet connected world meaning that we are immediately in touch with every aspect of our lives from our car to our washing machine, wherever we are in the world and at any time.