These days smartphones and tablets are more common than ever. Cheap value-brands have caused them to become increasingly more affordable, even in less developed countries. As a business owner, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of. You should already have a website anyways, so the first step would be to optimize that for mobile browsers and devices. But even after that you can do more to accommodate mobile users, namely getting your own app. Let’s take a look at what advantages an app comes with.

Apps offer better performance

Research has discovered that apps are usually about 50% faster than the equivalent website. This is partially caused by way less data transfer over the internet being needed because apps store images, layouts and more data locally. Loading and showing this locally stored information is a lot faster than sending it all around the world first and then displaying it. This improved performance increases overall usability and user satisfaction.

Improved Brand Awareness

Anyone with your app installed will occasionally see it’s icon on their smartphones home screen. With just this quick glance brand recognition and recall can increase greatly when your users think about a service you offer. Such good brand awareness can lead to lots of returning customers but also increases the likelihood of your existing customers letting their friends and family – who might need your service – know about you.

Push Notifications

Everyone that has your app installed can receive push notifications from you, which looks as if you were texting them. These notifications are great for informing your users about specials and promotions they can check out on your website (and therefore in the app). It’s like free advertising!

Instant Access to your Site

All of your app users can reach your website instantaneously and  at any time, they just need to pick up their phone and tap your app icon. You have a significant advantage over your competition with that, as the time to access their sites is a lot longer (opening the browser, searching for their website, slower load times, etc.).

Offline Access

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Nobody can visit your website while they have no internet connection available. With your app they can. You can let users see all vital content that has been stored (cached) locally.

Regularly Returning Users

When your users have your app installed, they will regularly browse it, even if they’re not looking for anything specific. This can get you quite a few extra conversions just like that.

The Problem

Hiring developers to build an app for you is expensive. Like, very expensive. This calculator gives you a rough estimate:

I just used it and it suggested a budget of $48000 for an iOS and Android app that would communicate with an existing website. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t have that kind of spare change. So, what are the alternatives?

The Solution

As I said in the introduction, you most likely already have a website that is mobile friendly. There’s an easy way you can use this to your advantage. With the website to app converter from you can get an app based on your website that runs on all Android and iOS (Apple) devices. But it doesn’t just display your website, it also has all the advantages of an app listed above. The best part is that you don’t need any programming knowledge at all, the service does it all for you. It’s also not one of those annoying app builders that take forever to understand and use. It’s a completely “done for you” kind of service.

Your app will work offline and display the most important parts of your website even if no internet connection is available. However once the connection to the internet is established, it will update itself to make sure it always shows exactly what you can see on your website. So even after you add a new page or change anything else about your website, the app will still be up to date.

With the aforementioned offline availability the app also offers quicker page load times as parts of your website will be stored locally and can be displayed almost instantly.

Push notifications are also supported, as that is a huge advantage of having an app, so you wouldn’t want to miss that when you turn your website into an app.

Given that I said that this service is more affordable than a regular app, what’s the price point? With you can have an iOS and Android app with all the aforementioned features for less than $50 a month. You might wonder why it’s a monthly payment, but that has a good reason. The price also includes future updates that will improve your app’s performance, stability and make sure your app works even on the newest devices and operating systems. This regularly needed maintenance is not even calculated into the estimate of $48000 I mentioned above, so less than $50 a month is a steal. If you took the $48000 you’d pay regular developers and instead invest it in this website to app converter, you could use it for over 80 years.

Other Website to App Services

Of course, is not the only converter that can turn your website into an app. There are other services that offer to make an app for you at a relatively low one-time price. However, this pricing model is inherently flawed, as it encourages the developers to continually attract new customers and neglect support for their existing apps and customers. This can lead to major security flaws and other issues, as software is aging at an increasing speed. Aside from this aspect, all web to app services except and fail to implement the native design for apps. This “native design” refers to the design guidelines Google and Apple have set for apps. If your app doesn’t comply with these rules, it won’t get accepted into the App Stores. Or, if it does get accepted, it is always at risk of getting removed at a later date (there’s regular “purges” where up to hundreds of thousands of apps are deleted). Unfortunately, charges around $5000 if you just want to give them your URL and get all the features we’ve talked about above. So yes, it is a good website to app converter, but unfortunately it doesn’t solve our initial problem of app development costs being too high.

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Taking all the above aspects into consideration, the only web to app service I can recommend is