Everywhere or at any corner of the world, you may see the people who are Surfing Internet, Playing Games, Watching Movies, or Streaming Videos at their Mobile Phones, Laptops, and Tab. Have you ever thought of, what Technology is working behind, you may say that it is due to ‘Internet’, True! But you may not claim if it plays smoothly or without any interruption.

When you are not able to do Video Streaming, Live Telecast, Movie Download, or Access the Mailbox, says it is due to an ‘Internet’. Whenever you are able to surf properly; because of Internet speed, you claim!  When you are not able to surf, again it’s because of Internet Speed, you assume! This is really scary! So, you may need to understand, why it happens; sometime gets Internet Speed at Maximum and Some-time, gets Internet Speed at Below-the-Point, even, you may not access the Mailbox. You may not blame Internet for your Slowdown; you may also need to understand ‘Basic Functionality’ who works behind it.

There are Frequency Transmission from Wire-enabled or Wireless Router to Internet running Computer and Laptop. Traditionally, you may access Internet to your Computer via Ethernet Cable and Modem Router. So, there can be multiple culprits rather than pointing-out Single one. When you connect through Datacard to your Laptop and don’t get Internet at ease, you probably draw-the-Line toward Internet, Have you ever thought of your Hardware Device i.e. Datacard who connects to your Computer or Laptop for accessing the Internet that works as a ‘Wireless Router’.

Wireless Router is a big role to play in accessing the Internet at ease, so, be conscious when you are choosing this Device. Wireless Router is being offered from the various vendors in the Market, You can click this link for best router reviews guide when you explore you may find them. There are variant Wireless Routers who looks moreover same, however, they are not! You may look for following things in your Wireless Routers, They are:

  1. Technology

As Technology is being changed or updated in every six months, so need to review carefully before finalizing. Your ‘Wireless Router’ can have latest 5GHz and MIMO capability.

  1. Band

There are Single Band, Dual Band, and Tri Band Device available in the Market, Before you finalize one, need to understand this basic but really important feature. Single Band is Traditional one which is finding tough to continue in this fast-paced world today. It runs on 2.4GHz Frequency. Dual Band has two Radio system which works on 2.4GHz and 5GHz Frequency. Tri Band has additional one Band i.e. 5 GHz to carry on the load. So, the configuration goes-out like this 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 5GHz.

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  1. Wireless Protocol

It is really need to understand this line of technicality, where most of the people are unaware of, when they are already using Wireless Router. If you understand and go with this platform; you are at ease, most-of-the-problems are phased-out. 802.11ac is the latest Protocol in this fraternity and ideal for Wireless Routing.

  1. LAN Ports

There can be number of Ports available in your Wireless Router such as 3, 4, and 8. However latest one is 8 Port that helps in connecting Multiple Device. Do not make mistake in typing IP address to access router management console, visit this website http://192168o11.net/ to choose the right IP address.

  1. Price

Of course, if you go with Traditional one, it costs less. Dual and Tri Band can cost more or less as per your requirement and Area Calculation of Home.

You may lookout for USD 75 – USD 400 for Wireless Router.